What is GVest.?

GVest helps make investing safe and seamless. GVest eliminates the cumbersome processes required to invest on a regular basis through its simple to understand investment plan and easy-to-use web app. Your investment continues generate interests until the maturity date.

Why should I invest on GVest.?

GVest is best for anyone who:

  • never want to waste time keeping money in the bank.
  • wants to invest even while asleep.
  • wants the discipline to retain their savings and investments for a long time without tampering with them.
  • wants to plan to become wealthy.

How are you able to offer higher returns than traditional banks?

Pretty much simple. We do not have the high management and operations expenses of traditional banks. Our operations are lean and mostly automated. 

How are you able to offer higher returns than other investment platforms?

Unlike other investment apps that invest only in third-party investments that they have no control over, we invest our customers’ funds in Estates and Farms owned 100% by our sister companies- GText Homes and GText Farms. This enables us to offer our investors a higher interest returns. This also enables a risk-free investment for our investors.

Can I visit the project site I invest in?

Absolutely. In fact, site visit and inspections organized on a periodic basis. To cater for the transit of investors during a specific site-visitation tour, intending investor will have to put in their request beforehand (usually 7 days before the scheduled visitation).

Can I refer and get commission

Absolutely. For every investor you refer, you get 2% of their investment.

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GVest helps you achieve financial freedom by enabling you save responsibly and invest on the go.
Put your savings to work by co-investing in real estate and agricultural projects.

Earn upto 80% return on investments.

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